Tiny Sharks Idle Clicker MOD APK v2.2.4


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    Tiny Sharks Idle Clicker MOD APK v2.2.4

    Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
    Overview: Tap Tap Tap Clone Small Sharks and Become a Underwater Mogul by Selling Sushi! Your pet crab will help you to tame your sharks and keep producing them. Do not let production stop!

     Small Shark Doraemon MOD APK v2.2.4

    Being a mogul is everyone's dream! Little Shark free singing song let you become a underwater tycoon, let you realize this dream! Just tap TAP TAP!

    You can sell a wide variety of sushi to the market and get dirty. Let your sushi kitchen update the study. Upgrade your Sushis and earn huge profits. Your little shark will help you become the tycoon in this underwater world.

    Spread happiness by selling exotic and delicious sushi to the world! This can be done even offline. Prepare the cooler so your money stays in place even if you leave and go offline.

    This super exciting underwater game brings in many different colors, underwater sharks, crabs, seahorse and many more exotic underwater creatures, and of course different types of Sushis. Why do you have to wait? Has started to set sushi kitchen, start making !!

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    But do not let your shark hunger! Nobody wants to run a business with an angry shark! So make sure your shark has enough allure. Of course, pet crabs also need your love! So be prepared for bait, as a simple rule in this underwater world is that happy crabs and happy sharks will keep business running and money flowing!

    Make your baby shark happy so that they can swiftly swim and make sushi that everyone desires. And do not be afraid of big sharks coming from your way! Click on them to collect rewards and take them off your underwater sushi kitchen!

    Collect oysters and gems from research and use them to upgrade your sushi and kitchen. This will help you to progress faster and keep the baby shark busy. There is no limit to how rich you can be in this game. After all, being a submarine tycoon is all about a little shark!

    8 reasons to play IDLE TINY TYCOONS!
     – Super DOPE GAMEPLAY simply keep tapping the screen. Perfect free hit tycoon game, never feel boring! Perfect Increment Clicker game!
    -TAP, research and upgrade upgrade your empire, make money, do research and feel rich! Click! Click! Thread!
    Click and cash provide casual and addictive games for aspiring capitalists who like clicks and earn money. In this idle tycoon in the competition!
    The economy added to your country is not everything about profit! Can your empire rebuild your country's economy? Attack reputation with other economies, the ultimate idle tycoon.
    Unique visual effects Feed food to your pets and watch them run through the town. These silly pets will focus your profits on stunning 3D visuals and stunning views.
    Being a Bonus Employee The huge bonuses that come with the various honors will make you return to more, satisfy the appetite of consumers, and earn the lion's share of the biggest capitalists of this era.
    Economy Economy Earn more money by clicking on your quirky empire and take full advantage of this mystical economy
    PRESTIGE Use your booty to sell your product for more money by gaining more prestige in this weird rap game

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    Drop and enjoy your story world rescue in this free click game with an amazing and Addictive game.

    Tap Like a tycoon and grow and upgrade your city empire, put money in this awesome 3D game! A money simulator like no other!

    3 easy steps to make your city grow
    1. Click to clone – (left in idle simulator mode!)
    2. Researching, winning
    3. Upgrade your city empire to become a town tycoon story that all your friends are talking about!

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    WH & nbsp; NEW

    – Bug fixes

    1. All currencies (increase)

    There are no ads for this application

    More info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. 19659004]   


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    Tiny Sharks Idle Clicker MOD APK v2.2.4 premium

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