E-Robot PRO APK v1.40


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    E-Robot PRO APK v1.40

    Requirements: 2.2 and later

    Overview: This is an automated application that lets your device automatically execute commands.

      E-Robot PRO APK v1.40

    This is an automated application that allows your device to automatically execute commands. When you create a command, you can specify what to do when a given event occurs

    This application is an alternative to other similar applications for automating tasks, processing profiles, and more: Tasker, AutomateIt, Llama, Locale, Profiles, …

    The application allows you to specify more than 130 event types and perform more than 80 types of operations; in addition, all events and action types can be parameterized to make the application more generic and Its function may be expanded in the future.


    – More than 130 Parameterized Event Types (Location Based, Application Based, Scheduled, …)

    Electronic Robots Can Handle Events Based on Position, Time Triggered and Application Processing,

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    – More than 80 Parameterized Action Types

    – Usable Conditions for Events and Actions

    – Variables and Expressions

    19659005] – Manually confirm that command execution can be set

    – Efficient operation with a performance screen to check it

    – Full backup and restore possibilities

    – Command Execution History and Debugging

    – Third Party Support: Elixir 2 Personal Information activati ​​on, Locale action plugins, Ipack icons
    The wi-fi based location detection feature is Android 4.4 even when wi-fi functionality is not available Perfect for new "always available scanning" features.
    This free version contains
    Languages: English, magyar, polski
    Contact: bartadev@gmail.com
    Website: http://bartat.hu

    Facebook: http: // www .facebook.com / erobot.for.android

    New Features
    – New Expression: Position / Current Position
    – Position Screen: Manually Enter Coordinates; Improved Selection Coordinates
    – Play Sounds Action: 19659020] – Saving Files Action: Handling n, r, and t Escaping
    – Screen Intensity Operation: Percentage Value Can Be
    – New Language: Simplified Chinese
    – Fixed 19659020]
    This application is No Ad
    More Other Versions of This Application: Variable Evaluation Screen
    – Fix: Application Focus Detection
    – Review: Application Focus Detection
    <pre class = "ipsCode prettyprint linenums: 0" https : // play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bartat.android.robot&hl=en&#39; >> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bartat.android.robot&hl=en
    Download Instruction:
    Download] [dailyuploads]
    Download [usercloud]

    E-Robot PRO APK v1.40 premium

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