Sensors Toolbox v1.1.4 Premium


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    Sensors Toolbox v1.1.4 Premium

    Requirements: 3.0+
    Overview: The Sensor Toolbox is an absolute all-in-one diagnostic tool that lets you know almost everything about the status of your mobile device.

      Sensors Toolbox v1.1.4 Premium

    Get the complete information or wearables for any sensor supported by your tablet or smartphone. View all data on mobile device sensors in real time with a comfortable layout for sensor testing. Check the chart (graph view) and text output data available for each sensor and check the detailed description of each detector and parameter.

    All Multi Tools and Sensor Devices You Need to Use in One Application: Altimeter, Metal Detector, NFC Reader, Compass

    This Sensor Toolbox application has access to the following data:

    – Acceleration Meter readings (linear acceleration and gravity sensor)
     – Gyroscope (calibrated and uncalibrated)
     Equipment, direction, 3D
     Proximity sensor
     – step detector and counter, kinetic sensor
     – major motion
     – rotation, vector sensor
     Other Motion and Position Sensors
     – light sensor (lux, lx)
     – Magnetometer, environmental magnetic field strength value (micro Tesla, μT)
     – barometer, pressure sensor
     – relative humidity sensor
     – temperature sensor
     – Location, Accuracy, Altitude, Map, Speed ​​and GPS NMEA Data (Longitude, Provider, Satellite)
     – battery status, voltage, temperature, health and technology
     – sound level meter and microphone meter (decibel)
     – heart rate sensor
     – NFC sensor and reader
     – before and after the device camera resolution
     – samrtphone display size, resolution and technology
     – device, phone memory, RAM and CPU parameters
     – IMEI number
     – multi-touch information
    And other sensors are available for your mobile device

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    With this multitool sensor application you can check what sensors contain your device and test it all. It supports all the sensors for an Android device, it will tell you which of them does not support your hardware.

    Please leave us a comment if you have any questions about this app or idea [19659004] Have fun with this ultimate tool!

    What's New

    EN, PL, IT, RU Language Support
    New Plus: New Options:
     No ads
     – sensor configuration list
     – Define a refresh interval for the displayed value
     – Share Sensor Data

    There are no ads for this application

    More info: 

    Download] [19659000] Download] [suprafiles]
    Download [dailyuploads]
    Download [cloudyfiles]

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    Sensors Toolbox v1.1.4 Premium premium

    You can download or get the premium android apps for Sensors Toolbox v1.1.4 Premium of course for free.

    Thank for your attention, we hope Sensors Toolbox v1.1.4 Premium can be of good use

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