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    RPG Djinn Caster v1.2.5 APK Premium

    Requirement: 4.2 and above
    Overview: Pocketgamer – An Action Cosplay Game With Fresh Paint

      Djinn Caster v1.2.5 APK Fixes

    These are the cities of Dulshara, hidden in the midst of an enchanting mirage of deserts and a strong sandstorm . Even under the tyranny of the Sudan, people have enjoyed long-term livelihoods. However, signs of bad luck are slowly approaching venomous snakes that hunt their prey. A series of mysterious events have taken place from the mass abductions of the Sudanese armed forces behind the scenes men behind the scenes ……

    One day, when young man Ermit was fleeing from the army, he was handed over by a man who was dying The mysterious dagger. One of the obvious seals of ancient time … … This power is called "Djinn." As the world faces some doom of ancient evil, the long-awaited hero must seek and gain power. Start the revolution of Elmir and Djinns now!

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     – Summon elves and release their power!
     – Collect up to more than 20 ancient Djinns hidden in Dulshara land!
     – Stimulation and interactive combat action!
     – Various dungeons with creepy creeps and weird monsters!
     – Explore the city of size and enjoy special events!
     – Participate in mini-games, trial in dungeon level, treasure hunt and more!
     – Sub-tasks for your friends and fellow citizens!

    You can protect your Aswan!

    * The game can be played without any in-game transactions.

    [Supported OS]
     – 4.2 and up
    [Supported Screens]
    – HD (720 × 1280) and above
    [Game Controller]
    – Incompatible
    [SD Card Storage]
    – Incompatible
    – English This application requires high processing power. , Turn off the highest quality option to see if the performance is improving. In addition, the application requires an additional approximately 600 MB of data before it can be played.

    Your use of this application constitutes your acceptance of the following EULAs:

    For the latest information!
    [Facebook page]
    http://www.facebook.com/kemco.global [19659004] * Actual selling prices may vary according to locality
    * If you find any errors or problems with the application, please contact us via the contact button on the title screen.

    (C) Chocoarts, published by KEMCO, 2017

    Most recent edition

     – Small bug fixes and balance optimizations

    This app is no advertisement

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    RPG Djinn Caster v1.2.5 APK Premium premium

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