Dust and Salt APK v1.1.2 Paid


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    Dust and Salt APK v1.1.2 Paid

    Requirements: 4.4 and up
    Overview: Dust and Salt is a text-based narrative adventure with few round-based tactical battles that make you a major hero and lead your troops in a gritty, low-slung medieval fantasy world.

     Dust and Salt APK v1.1.2 Paid

    A young warrior vows revenge when his father is murdered and his village burnt to the ground. He must make the choice between force or diplomacy in order to establish a new coalition and subdue the enemy. Will he get rid of the oppressors of this world or will he become an oppressor?

    This game includes a story text, a world map and a tactical combat layer. On the world map, you can choose to travel to different locations. The text of the story is built around the constant choice you make. Once you've engaged in the fight, the game will switch to a tactical map where the actual fight takes place for turn-based combat. Enjoy the vivid writing by author Sycamore Bright feather pen.

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    * The story is king. Rich non-linear story is reminiscent of D & D's "combat style." We describe it as a RPG-compliant self-contained adventure book.

    * Tactical combat. This is not a checkers, it is an adult combat simulation. * Your light armored infantry, an infallible pack of wolves, goes through the woods into the rear of the enemy while your armored hammer, invincible bear, stops the enemy from attacking.

    * The decision is important. Narrative branch according to your choice. Your actions define and shape the world you are experiencing.

    * Role Development. Your decision is black, white or gray? Will they bring a better future to the land of sin, or will they become usurpers?

    * Unforgettable people. Safeguard the cunning lord of the land of evil through well-written interactive dialogue.

    * The art of adding more life to the whole story. Zoom in on the world map and experience the details of the artwork.

    * You do not choose abstract skills. 19659004] This application does not have an advertisement

    More information:

    https: // play Download Download]

    Download the .google.com / store / apps / Mirror:

    Download] [suprafiles]

    Dust and Salt APK v1.1.2 Paid premium

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