FlashOnCall Premium v6.6 Patched


    FlashOnCall Premium v6.6 Patched – Hi, we will spread this android post about FlashOnCall Premium v6.6 Patched premium, currently we will examine about the application FlashOnCall Premium v6.6 Patched which may be of use, we will evaluation the various applications or activities that advanced is what you get cost-free only in Android Kanet.

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    FlashOnCall Premium v6.6 Patched

    Requirements: 2.3 and up
    Overview: FlashOnCall + – an application that will use the flash of your smartphone for different events alerts

    FlashOnCall Premium v6.6 Patched


    FlashOnCall + – an application that will use the flash of your smartphone for different events alerts: SMS, incoming call, alarm clock, and any application. The app does not stand still and is constantly evolving. If you have any problems, have any suggestions or want to give feedback, please write here – flashoncallplus.reformal.ru, or here – vk.com/flashoncall

    Differences from the free:
    1. A more fine-tuning flicker when you call.
    2. Alerts for all third-party applications
    3. Detailed settings for third-party applications. (Frequency, number, time, flash)
    4. Notification for any alarm
    5. strobe mode
    6. Added visualization flash music and games
    7. Widget
    Available features:
    1. Flash for an incoming call and / or SMS
    2. Adjust the timing between flashes, flash and duration of the notification of an incoming call
    3. Adjust the number of flashes when receiving SMS
    4. Ability to disable notifications when a weak battery
    5. The use of different modes (normal, vibration, quiet)
    6. Testing Flash
    7. strobe mode
    8. The rendering mode music
    9. The rendering mode games
    10.Opovescheniya for any third-party applications, such as: Viber, Vkontakte, WhatsApp, Mail, Foursquare, etc ..
    11. Customizing each application. (Frequency, number, time, flash)
    12.Opovescheniya on any Service.

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    Thanks to the active users who send your suggestions and comments to the post.

    Small faq:
    1. If you have already installed a similar application, then the likelihood of conflicts 99%
    2. If after updating errors will occur, try to uninstall and reinstall the application
    3. If the above items are not helped and / or there are some mistakes – write to the post – help or fix it ..
    1. do not recommend using very low frequency flicker


    1. In connection with the requirement for developers, “Accessibility” are no longer used.
    Instead, you need access to notifications.
    2. The flash for both cameras is significantly improved.
    3. Fixed flash errors for missed calls and SMS
    4. Added a button to quickly turn off the flash
    5. Improved flash logic.
    Thank you for your feedback, kind words and constructive criticism!
    On all questions you can contact directly – evg.dev.app@gmail.com
    This app has no advertisements

    More Info:


    Download Instructions:

    Download [douploads]
    Download [suprafiles]
    Download [cloudyfiles]

    FlashOnCall Premium v6.6 Patched premium

    You can download or get the premium android apps for FlashOnCall Premium v6.6 Patched of course for free.

    Thank for the interest, hopefully FlashOnCall Premium v6.6 Patched can be of use

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