NetX PRO v3.3.3.0 Paid


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    NetX PRO v3.3.3.0 Paid

    Requirements: 4.1+
    Overview: Network scan: discovers all devices connected at the network.

    NetX PRO v3.3.3.0 Paid
    – Displays most important information for each device connected, IP Address, MAC Address, Vendor, Bonjour Name, NetBIOS Name and Domain.
    – Wake On LAN (WOL): switch on a remote device from your phone or tablet when you are connected via wifi or with a mobile data connection.

    – Secure SHell (SSH): put a remote device in sleep mode or shutdown from your phone or tablet when you are connected via wifi or with a mobile data connection.
    Displays the operative system version installed on the remote device. (In the remote device must be installed and started a SSH server)

    – Loads off-line all devices of a network previously detected.
    – Adds a new network or a new device manually in order to manage all functionality for a no detected device.
    – Shows information about the wifi connection (external IP, signal strength, download and upload speed, subnetmask, gateway, DNS).
    – Shows information about the mobile provider (external IP, signal strength, download and upload speed, CID, LAC, MCC, MNC).
    – Wifi scan: find nearby wifi and displays SSID, signal strength, channel, encryption.
    – Shows graphically the band width and the overlapping between channels of wifi networks.
    – Monitoring and diagnostics remote devices: shows CPU usage, RAM usage and displays the available memory inside the disks.
    – Monitoring access to network wifi. Receive notification when a new device or an unknown device connects to the network.
    – Ping functionality. It’s possible to ping every device connected and any hostname or IP Address.
    – Port scanner to scan the most common port used.
    – Themes available.
    – Available languages: Czech, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.

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    !!! PRO version !!!

    – Traceroute shows the route of packets that are sent from the smartphone to target host. It’s possible to see the route also on the map.
    – IP calculator: this tool calculate the network parameters like netmask, CIDR, ip address range hosts number etc…
    – IP location shows the position of the IP address on the map.
    – MAC address lookup allow to get the vendor from MAC address.
    – DNS lookup allow to get the IP address of the domain, mail server etc. Reverse DNS is supported.
    – Network position shows the position on the map of the network scanned.
    – Backup/Restore data on the local folder or with google drive.
    – Speed test: this tool calculate the download speed and upload speed.


    improved some features

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    NetX PRO v3.3.3.0 Paid premium

    You can download or get the premium android apps for NetX PRO v3.3.3.0 Paid of course for free.

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