Baby Monitor 3G v4.8.2 b97 Patched


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    Baby Monitor 3G v4.8.2 b97 Patched

    Requirements: 4.1+
    Overview: Turn your two phones or tablets into one single baby monitor. Works over Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE.

    Baby Monitor 3G v4.8.2 b97 Patched

    Baby Monitor 3G is a universal video and audio baby monitor for your phone, tablet, or computer. Hear every noise, stream live video, and soothe your child remotely. Works with an unlimited reach (WIFI, 3G, LTE) and trusted by more than half a million moms and dads.

    The app requires two devices. One stays in the child’s room while the other one stays with you. No registration or connection adjustments are required and initial setup takes less than 30 seconds.

    Baby Monitor 3G is the only app of its kind working on WiFi and 3G. Use it anywhere without worrying about a weak WiFi signal.

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    Baby Monitor 3G transfers live video from the child´s room to you. The light feature makes it possible to view your baby when it is dark.

    Baby Monitor 3G allows multiple parents to monitor their baby at the same time.

    Thanks to a state-of-the-art baby voice booster, you will clearly hear every sound coming from the child’s room.

    Baby Monitor 3G allows you to check, how often was your baby awake, discover its sleeping patterns and replay sounds from current or any previous monitoring.

    Simply press a button and speak. Your child will be always one tap away from you.

    Assures that you will find out when your baby is awake even in a loud environment.

    Baby Monitor 3G alerts you in case something goes wrong (network connection problem, etc.)


    Version 4.8.0
    – Baby skin tone adjustment – Allows you to personalize the baby in the app
    – Low volume warning – Will notify you that you might overhear sounds from the app
    – Improved video quality and stability – Makes the monitoring experience more comfortable
    – Automatic silent mode launch on Baby Station for undisturbed sleep
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    Download [douploads]
    Download [dailyuploads]
    Download [suprafiles]

    Baby Monitor 3G v4.8.2 b97 Patched premium

    You can download or get the premium android apps for Baby Monitor 3G v4.8.2 b97 Patched of course for free.

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