What Hadjane Says Goes v1.1.0g


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    What Hadjane Says Goes v1.1.0g

    Requirements: 4.2 and up
    Overview: The Underworld… A terrifying world of pandemonium, where desires swirl around and demons make their home.
    Hadjane is the super-strong Queen who rules over the Underworld.1.1.0g

    What Hadjane Says Goes v1.1.0g

    Hadjane has the most power in the whole of the Underworld… But she always does just as she wants, and always, always has to have her own way!
    Sometimes she works her minions to exhaustion, punishing them severely and treating the demons harshly… Other times, she passes time doing just as she pleases: eating, drinking, and sleeping!
    For Hadjane, every single day is like this. Finally, the demons can put up with it no more, and raise a rebellion larger than anyone’s ever seen!

    Hadjane flies into a crazy rage at this, captures the demons trying to escape, and punishes the rebels until they’re black and blue, while working them ragged!

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    This is the start of the absurd battles of Hadjane, by Hadjane, for Hadjane!


    – Unleash the Queen’s domination!
    – As Hadjane, the ruler of the Underworld, deliver fierce punishments to rebellious minions!
    – Easy level ups through auto battle!
    – Minions increase as you clear stages!
    – Craft fiendish weapons!
    – Various worlds and stages with conveyor belts, slippery floors, bursts of flame and more!
    – So many achievements to complete!
    – A board game, and a host of unique enemies!

    * This premium edition offers 1000 bonus Rainbow Karma + convenient item set!
    * The game can be played in its entirety without the need for in-game transactions.
    * This app supports the Safe Save, enabling data to be backed up and moved between devices. However, please note that data cannot be transfered between devices with different OS, or between the free and premium versions of the game.

    [Supported OS]
    – 4.2 and up
    [Supported Screens]
    – HD (720×1280) and up
    [Game Controller]
    – Incompatible
    [SD Card Storage]
    – Enabled
    – English, Japanese
    [Non-Supported Devices]
    This app requires high processing capability so if you see any problem on low-end devices, please turn off the Max Quality option to see if the performance improves. Also, the app requires an additional data download of about 600MB before playing.

    This app has no advertisements

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    Download Instructions:

    Download [dailyuploads]

    What Hadjane Says Goes v1.1.0g premium

    You can download or get the premium android apps for What Hadjane Says Goes v1.1.0g of course for free.

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